Q: How has the Coronavirus affected Killer Burger?  A: We had to adapt, and fast. We pivoted from dine-in service to exclusively offering take-out and delivery very quickly. By expanding online ordering, shifting advertising dollars and redeploying team members, we kept all our stores open, our staff healthy and our customers coming back.  With this rapid action, sales returned to seasonal levels within a couple weeks of the Governor’s restrictions.

Q: What does the future look like for Killer Burger in this new landscape? A: We’re adapting our service model so our franchisees can offer a great experience no matter how the customer wants to enjoy Killer Burger.  We’re renovating our interiors to allow for safe social distancing with added safety precautions recommended by the government. Customers can have the Killer Burger experience they’ve come to expect and feel safe to dine out again whenever they’re ready. In the meantime, we’re streamlining our online ordering and third party delivery process to continue to meet the needs of customers who still like to have great burgers at home.

Q: Is this a good time to become a franchisee? A: Yes!  Killer Burger has proven that we can adapt, survive and even thrive during difficult times.  You’ll be joining a truly road-tested team.  Additionally, great opportunities are opening up in the commercial leasing market.  Now is the time to get yourself in a position to take advantage of those opportunities.

Q: What is my initial investment? A: The total cost of opening your store will vary depending on the location, the type of space you have, and several other factors. For a list of opening expenditures and a range of costs associate for each, click here.

Q: How soon can I open? A: Once construction begins it will take 60 – 90 days to open your restaurant. If you find a sweet second-gen space that has the right specs, the process could go quicker.

Q: What are the Royalty and Advertising Fees? A: The Royalty Fee is 5% of gross sales. The Advertising Fee is 1% of gross sales (as of January 1st, 2020).

Q: Can I open more than one unit? A: Yes. Let’s talk!

Q: How many employees does it take to operate a Killer Burger? A: The number of employee’s will depend on your location and sales volume. A typical Killer Burger staff range is 18 – 25 part-time and full-time employees.

Q: What support will I receive after my restaurant is open? A: You will have monthly visits with your dedicated Performance Coach, who will review quality, service, cleanliness, compliance, cost control, and marketing. Our coaches are veterans of the industry and our systems, with a proven track record of running a successful Killer Burger restaurant. They also have access to the full knowledge and resources of the Killer Burger Corporate team.

Q: Do I have to live in the same market where I operate? A: Yes. We believe it is important for our franchisees to be a part of the communities where they do business.

Q: How much does training cost? A: All training costs, except for your travel and your employees’ labor costs, are included in the Franchise Fee.

Q: Will I receive help with marketing? A: Yes. Our marketing department is always there to help with local and national marketing initiatives to promote your business.

Please take the time to go through each page to get all the information you need to decide if a Killer Burger franchise is right for you.
Thank you for your interest!


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